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The HemosecĀ® Clip Applier is a reusable instrument designed to deliver and close metallic ligating
clips. This instrument is used with Hemosec Clips.

Bladeless Trocar is a single-use instrument for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) to puncture the abdominal wall for creating a working tunnel and maintaining the pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic surgical procedure

We offer a Surgical Hernia Kit that is an end-to-end economical package for carrying out an inguinal hernia repair surgery.

We offer a very sturdy and efficient variety of Prolus Polypropylene Mesh which is a prosthesis designed to reinforce the abdominal wall, via celioscopy or laparotomy,

Chromic and Plain Catgut

Braided Coated Poly(Glycolide-co-L-lactide) [Polyglactin-910]

Absorbable Sutures

Full range of monofilament and braided sutures with varying wound support and absorption profiles.

Non-Absorbable Sutures

Full range of monofilament and braided sutures for longer-term tissue approximation.

Surgical Mesh for Hernia Repair

Synthetic reinforcement material for hernia and other soft-tissue repairs.

Bladeless Trocar

Single-use instrument for minimally invasive surgery.

Surgical Staplers

Surgical stapling devices for better speed, accuracy and efficient wound closure.


For better control of blood flow.

Clips & Appliers

Reusable titanium clip appliers for laparoscopic or open surgeries

Lotus Facilities
Coming Soon