PROLAP Bladeless Trocars

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PROLAP Bladeless Trocars
Product Details:

Bladeless Trocar is a single-use instrument for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) to puncture the abdominal wall for creating a working tunnel and maintaining the pneumoperitoneum during a laparoscopic surgical procedure

Single-Use Bladeless Trocar:

  • Available in 3mm, 5mm, 5mm -10mm, 5mm-12mm, and 15mm devices
  • Bladeless obturator penetrates by dilating
  • 3-way stopcock design capable of rapid deflation, protecting against contamination
  • Blunt traumatic tip decreases the risk of damage to internal use.
  • Tooth-like screw thread design to improve fixation.
  • Universal seal provided for the accommodation of 5mm to 10mm or 5mm to 12mm sized instruments.
  • 5mm – 12mm device can be used for visible trocar by inserting 10mm laparoscopic scope through obturator.


  • Store at room temperature. Do not expose to temperature exceeding 54° C (130° F)


  • All Prolap®  devices are provided STERILE and intended for use in SINGLE PROCEDURE on a SINGLE PATIENT only. The devices are to be discarded after single use and not resterilized.
  • Laparoscopic surgery should be performed by surgeons who are familiar with laparoscopic (endoscopic) techniques.

Single Use Bladeless Trocar:

  • For laparoscopic surgery in gastro-enterology, colo-rectal, urology, and gynecology.