HEMOSEC Laparoscopic Applier

HEMOSEC Laparoscopic Applier
Product Details:

The Hemosec® Clip Applier is a reusable instrument designed to deliver and close metallic ligating
clips. This instrument is used with Hemosec Clips.

The ligating clips are positioned around a tubular structure and closed by applying pressure to the
handles of the applier.

Distinct Features:
  • Chevron shape of clips facilitates safe “tips-first” closing action.
  • Serrated inner surface and heart-shaped cross-section of the clips allows secure closing.
  • Diamond shaped grooving for atraumatic secure ligation.
  • Triangular shaped wire for easy squeeze application.
  • Adhesive cartridge backing ensures precise and effortless clip loading.
  • Control: Jaws respond directly to the surgeon's hand, allowing complete control over clip closure.
  • Security: Titanium clip manufacturing process ensures superior retention and reliability.
  • Comfort: Ergonomically designed handle provides comfort and control.
  • Colour-coded clips and corresponding colour-coded appliers for different sizes of clips.